This is more of a list for myself than anything else. Because we are ALWAYS sitting in my car saying where do you want to go to dinner and no one wants to pick, and no one has an idea, and there are SOO many good places to eat around here!

The Blue Plate
I love the atmosphere. Everyone has crazy hair and tattoos and are the sweetest people you have EVER met. I love the corn cakes and the corn beef hash. Oh wait they did a DDD on it. The hollandaise is amazing, so order anything Benedict and you won't be sorry. It is a very casual and tasty place to hang out.

Settebello Pizzeria
I am actually friends with their head chef so a trip here also means a free hug! They specialize in authentic Italian pizza. It is delicious and my friends who served missions in Italy say it is legit.

Charlie Chow's Dragon Grill
This is favorite of Wade and myself. It is a little shady and maybe the parking garage is crumbling a little but we love it. It is an all you can eat Mongolian Grill. It is great because if you don't like what you concocted go concoct something different.

Chicken Express
For 5 dollars you can get more Greek food than you should eat. But trust me you will want to keep eating. The food is amazing, and even the Baklava is perfection.

How long have I been in search of the perfect cheesesteak? Since I left Jersey... and I found it. If only SLC had a beach I would be content to never leave... and maybe less snow. This one was on DDD too.
East Coast Subs
The Italian hoagie hear is almost perfection.  Again find me a beach and I'll be set.

The Pupsaria on North Temple
You WILL be the only one in the restaurant, and some of your food will come out with plastic silverware, and if you order a salad they will bring you the jumbo Costco size ranch to your table. But you won't find a better pupusa or tamale.

Canton Village
The rest of the food is average chines but the egg roll is as big as your face and I want to eat 3 of them. Seriously. It is an egg roll that is also battered and deep fried. So so good. Trust me.

The Mediterranean Cafe
Another one the guys at work introduced me to. They are only open for lunch but they make delicious Panini's and hot sandwiches. Also tried the stuffed banana pepper or cannoli's when they have them.

Cafe Anh Hong
My boss introduced us to this one. He lived in China and says it is the most authentic he's had in the states. Everything I have tried here was very good. Try the dim sum on the weekend. I love dim sum and their's was VERY good.

My FAVORITE Thai place ever. Kyle and I have a few dishes here that we love a lot but we like to try new things to and have yet to be disappointed. 

Davis and Weber County:
Empire Chinese in Centerville
It is just delicious. I also love their Singapore noodles and they have VERY fast service and lots of variety.

Rooster's Brewery in Ogden and Layton
I enjoy the Ahi wrap quite a bit and used to always order it until I realized that I could easily fill myself up on the fries. So I started ordering just that. As a side they are called naughty fries and come with a side of Gorgonzola cheese sauce. Drew also introduced me to their bread pudding.

Tona's on 25th in Ogden
Just delicious sushi, and great atmosphere.

Sushi-Ya in Clearfield
All you can eat sushi for 20.00 and good sushi. We like to sit at the bar with the cute sushi chef and just order roll after roll. They are good rolls too and they are more than happy to make you something to order. Or maybe that is just for us because we wink at him.

Cache County:
Cafe Sabor
I know the owner from college and if he happens to be there, he is also good for a hug and a shared memory of linds. Then we both laugh and I enjoy a plate of Pollo Durango. One of my favorite things EVER! Their fish tacos are delicious especially when the fish of the day is Salmon. Oh how I miss college burrito night at Sabor.

The Bluebird
The bluebird chicken is basically sesame chicken with a twist and it is delicious. But what I always order is Chicken Louis. Who is surprised? You should be because it is a chicken breast piled with seafood, cheese, and hollandaise. Oh my goodness. Can I make one for myself right now?

We all know how I love this place. My favorite Chinese ever. EVER! It is the best no matter what Zac or Snubs say. They must like it a little because they always went with me and they would meet me there again in a heart beat if I was in town.

Sweetly Divine
Is a pastry shop. I love the swans, blackberry tarts, and creme brulee. They also make a roast beef sandwich with jalapeno jelly.

Did I miss one that you know I love? Let me know and I will add it. Is there one you think I have missed and haven't tried? Tell me about it and I will meet you there for lunch!


  1. I quite like Philadelphia Sub Shop in Clearfield. Not having lived any where north of VA on the East coast I have no idea where it would rank on your list. But I have heard its pretty authentic.

    I have also heard from a co-worker from PA that DP Cheesesteaks is pretty good. I have not tried them but want to.

    Mr. K

  2. Well Mr. K... When shall we try it? We already have a date to make eggrolls. This could be a lot of Annie time for you if you aren't careful. One more week and I can eat again!