I Do What I Want

Remember the two fancy events I went to here.

Well two nights ago Kyle A and myself found ourselves at another event.

Kyle: "Uh I think those are your favorite cookies on that table."

Me: "Huh?"

Kyle: "Those cookies you love I think they have them on that table."

ME: "Ruby Snaps?! Where?!" as I shove my dinner leftovers in to his hands

Kyle: "You can only have one!" he calls out to me as I run across the room like a crazy girl

Me: "I'll do what I want! AND THEY ARE THE GOOD ONES!!!!"

Kyle: "Seriously you only get one."

Me: "and the one you aren't eating, wait.... These aren't Ruby Snaps!"

*10 minutes later*

Me: "Is it ok to throw half a cookie away in front of a homeless man? Part of me feels that it's wrong, but would it be insulting to offer him a half eaten cookie?"

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