Growing up my dad always subscribed to U.S. News. The inside cover always had some kind of demographic map of the U.S. Showing the results of some study or another. I LOVED looking at those maps. I loved looking at how different parts of the country would have certain clusters. I also loved that Utah was typically an outlier.

I still have a weird addiction to these kinds of maps. 

Here is one showing the prevalence of obesity worldwide. No Surprises here. 

Or how we still refuse to be like everyone else in the entire world and use the metric system.  Oh wait there is one African and one Asian country hanging in there with us.

This one shows the most common auto complete per state. So If I typed into Google "Utah is so..." then Utah is so weird would be the one most commonly searched for. Or New Jersey is a dump. Who are these people using the internet anyway? I wonder sometimes if we should really just let anyone on here. 
 A Map showing the most popular brand that originated in each state. Of course Cabela's in Nebraska. I wish Jersey was big enough for me to recognize. Does is say Coca Cola? Could it be?
*Willie Says Jersey is Campbell's Soup! Of Course it is! And Coke is obviously down there in AL.
This one shows the presence of the 7 deadly sins. Curious.... 

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