Wade is Home

Wade has been working on a cruise ship since November. Thus he has been mostly unreachable. This from the guy who would call me from the beach in Hawaii on vacation just to talk. But he's back now and has been trying to call me. But with no working phone I had no idea.

Today I got this message from a mutual friend via Google chat:

Wade wanted me to tell you the following:
  • He thinks you're really pretty
  • his dog faked a pregnancy again (he hates it when she does that)
  • he thought of you on mothers day
  • that he was so busy helping his dad with his mothers day gifts that he forgot to get his mom anything
  • he bought a new cologne, it smells good and he can't wait to wear it all the days.
  • He has something for you from Japan
  • and thank you god bless!

I can't wait until my phone is working again so I can get all the scoop and the gossip on his travels. I just love that kid! 

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  1. Ooooh, your phone isn't working! I sent you a text on Sunday and you didn't reply...now I know why!

    It said, "Shortest. Primary lesson. Ever. Color, my children. Color toy our heart's content!"