I Choose to be Offended

Aunt : I was wondering if you could come visit this afternoon.
Me: Probably not today, but maybe I could stop by tomorrow sometime.
A:Well I want you to meet a boy.
M: I don't want to.
A: Well he is a very nice boy, and I really like his family.
M: The problem is Aunt S, that you like EVERYONE, and I like hardly anyone.
A: Oh well that isn't true.... is it?
M: Tell me about this guy.
A: Well if I had to guess I would say he is probably REAL good at computers.
M: *Pause* Maybe I can get my roommate or a friend or someone to come with me to make it less awkward.
A: Well whatever you need to make it less awkward dear.

My roommate, who was totally available, refused to go with me and left the house to avoid having me ask her about it. I had to go it alone. I tried so hard to get out of it. But my aunt is too nice to be mean to.

Have you ever had someone set you up on a date and when they show up you are kind of offended that someone who claims to know you well thought you would be a good match? Well he showed up, he was about 5ft, long unkempt beard. He was wearing a red Shopko uniform polo shirt, he doesn't work at Shopko, he just thought that was a good look. She was also wearing white, falling apart, velcro shoes. Oh and he was really good at computers.

I spent the whole time teasing my aunt about how much she wants me to repent. I had my aunt in stitches and the young man thinking I was a degenerate for sure. My uncle fell asleep and would occasionally wake up to insert his agreement that I repent.

I am not opposed to the set up. But maybe I could set a few guidelines.

*Good hygiene, including clean clothes
*Some sense of humor
*A job
* Ability to live independently. He can live at home to save money, I mean someone who has the physical ability to live alone.

Please bless I can have at least these things. That's a fair request right? Why does my Auntie like to set me up with people who don't meet these qualifications?


  1. Yeah...you choose to be offended because IT'S OFFENSIVE! It's rotten when somebody sets you up with...someone like the fella you described! Gosh, it takes more than both being single for two people to click!

    I feel your pain. Been there. Done that.

  2. Requirements sound absolutely spot on.