We are hiring part time in our warehouse again.
It is almost impossible to find good help.
But the other day we hired someone.
The next day someone called to apply who sounded perfect.
I wrote his name down and asked him to send in a resume anyway.

Today we fired the new hire and I was desperately digging through my trash for the name and number of the perfect man who had called. I knew it was on a yellow post it note so when I found this note in my trash I called it up!
Me: Hi is this Kurt?
K: Yeah
Me: This is Annie with ______. Were you the one who called to apply for a job?
K: No not me.
Me: Well why the heck do I have your number on this post it note on my desk?
K: I think I want to take you on a date.
Me: Do you need a job?
K: Uh maybe... what does it pay?

Oh Kurt.... Thanks, but no thanks. Back to the trash you go.

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