Hide and Seek

We had to wait for Dave to get off work so we could go to dinner. It was later in the evening and someone was getting a little whiny. So when we saw Dave pull up we grabbed our shoes and headed out the door to meet him. We were outside not even a minute later.

But where was Dave? We mingled by the car...No Dave.

"Maybe he is finishing a private phone call?" Still no Dave.

"Is that his truck?"
"I'm not certain, but what are the chances that a truck just like his pulls up at our house exactly when we are expecting Dave?"
No Dave

"Someone go look in his truck."
"Don't get too close, if he is in there that will be super awkward."
No Dave

"Maybe he is peeing in the bushes?"
"Does he know it's totally okay to use our bathroom?"
No Dave

"Maybe he wanted to go make friends with a chicken."
"Maybe he ran over a chicken and is taking it to it's owner."
No Dave

"Maybe he went to the wrong house."
"I've been looking in all the windows and I don't see him."
No Dave

"Call him."
"He answered and we got cut off."
"Call him again."
"He hung up on me again."
"Do I need to call 911? Maybe he was kidnapped?"
No Dave

"JP go look in the woods and see if he is hiding from us."
"Is this some kind of joke?"
"Where could he possibly be?"
No Dave

"Maybe there was a free bookcase on the road and he went back to get it."
"Why wouldn't he just stop and throw it in his truck?"
No Dave

"Go look in his truck again, maybe he passed out in it."
"He isn't in there."
"How well did you really look?"
"He isn't in there."
No Dave

"I'm going to start knocking on neighbor's doors."
No Dave

Guess where Dave was?
I will just tell you.

He was doing his home teaching.

Well technically, he had already done his home teaching but he wanted to make sure that this inactive member knew that we had no church meetings on Sunday... Just in case they wanted to show up this week.

Don't worry we still had plenty of time to overeat and watch Boise State's touchdown.

"Wait, you thought I went into a neighbor's house and didn't realize I was in the wrong house and was just hanging out waiting for you to be ready to go?"

"Yeah I guess we didn't really think that option all the way through."

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