• Look up Pizza Man on amazon.
  • Let your friend read Pizza Man to you when you have a hacking cough. 
  • Wear a Shade layering tee as just a tee. Layer it, trust me.
  • Put off going to the doctor for two months when you have a hacking cough.
  • Start liking a boy before he asks you out.
  • Ask someone why he is trying to get into your hotel room until you make sure you are in the correct hallway. 
  • Listen to Jason Aldean all the way up if you have cheap speakers. 
  • Listen to your new favorite song *Kiss You Goodnight* 30 times in a row.
  • Eat Cheetos, then iron your temple dress.
Seriously.... Don't.

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  1. Told you that song was real good and you didn't believe me. HOT HOT HOT!