Buffalo Ranch Loop

I won't go into detail...
But this was me yesterday.
Have you had those days? Seriously cruddy.
Then to add to the day, apparently there was also a convention of grumpy in town and they had all their afternoon meetings in my office. Where did they all come from, and why all in one day?
I didn't wake up like this but one crazy, insane, mean, rude person at a time had me feeling this way when I left and headed home.

So what do you do in the summer time when all the world is mean?

You go for a bike ride!

I am so greatful to live somewhere so beautiful, where this bike ride is only a minute or two away.
Goose crossing! The Buffalo Ranch Loop that I rode last night, is only a few miles and you pedal right through a bird santuary on the bay.
I like to go at or near sunset. It really is so pretty.
You can't forget to wear a scarf though. That close to the water, that time of night, the bugs are EVERYWHERE! You don't want to swallow one. Believe me I have been there!

Then I met Joan (pronounced Joe-on) we went for a ride up the canyon while we blasted some country tunes, and sang along with the windows down.Thanks Joan!

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