If you give a girl a perscription...

She's going to want a date to go with it.

"I have always wanted an inhaler. Just think of the possibilities. Say a professor calls on you randomly and you aren't prepared. Just start sucking away on that thing and you are home free!" ~Spencer (co-worker at USU)

I have been sick since I drove home from Vegas. Seriously it was miserable. No one needs to have a horrible cough for 2 months. But I kept thinking it was getting better. My boss told me to go to the doctor I didn't. My friends told me to see a doctor and I didn't. I have had, in general, only horrible experiences with doctors. I know that typically they are amazing men and women who work hard, and save lives. My experience however, has been large bills for no improvement.

Finally, yesterday, I saw a doctor. Thanks to my adorably sweet bishop and his wife who made the appointment with a friend of theirs. Along with a lot of assurance that I would be in goods hands and taken care of.

What I wasn't anticipating was the incredibly ATTRACTIVE student doctor he brought in with him. That is not exactly the place you want to run into a sexy man. I am looking homeless, coughing up a lung, smoker voice, making a great impression I am sure. He also made sure he administered the nasal spray himself. Awkward having this incredibly attractive man stick medicine up your runny nose.

For the record that nasal spray is the worst tasting thing that I have ever had in my nose. Seriously so gross. I would trade in a heart beat for that pink bubble gum flavored stuff I choked down as a child.

The story gets better though because just when you thought you couldn't get any sexier he prescribes you an inhaler. Seriously. Maybe he was just trying to make sure no one else would want me. That is the story I am going to tell myself. Then he was going to get off work and hang out at Smith's Marketplace hoping I would need to stop by and pick up some cilantro for dinner. Unfortunately, when I stopped to pick up cheese for dinner he wasn't there. Maybe I should have checked the produce section.

P.S. I was going to include a picture with this post. However, when I googled attractive doctor, none of them were as attractive as my student Doctor... and don't type in hot doctor. WARNING!

P.P.S. My cough was gone when I left the office. No more cough! What a beautiful thing!

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