The Bake Sale

I'm posting this for Leah who witnessed this conversation and thought it was funny.

Dad: Reese you need to go to the doctor because this could be cancer.
Me: But it's so expensive.
Dad: Don't you have insurance now?
Me: Yeah but it's a 5,000 dollar deductible and it's not like the bank loans dying people money.
Dad: The hospital will always treat you. They won't let you die.
Me: But I will be making payments for the rest of my life and I'd probably rather be dead.
Dad: Well someone will have a bake sale for you.
Me: Dad that's so sweet you'll have a bake sale for me?
Dad: No I thought your friends would do it.
Me: We aren't friends?!?!
Dad: *laughing
Me: I guess I am going to have to resort to putting a can on the counter at the Maverick for people's loose change.

P.S. I don't even a little bit have cancer. I was just telling my dad that my hip hurt. But it doesn't hurt because I am sick, it hurts because I have abandoned my car and now walk or ride my bike everywhere I go. It is amazing (I have an inappropriate attachment to my bike) and I couldn't be happier, but it takes a few days for your bottom, and hip apparently, to adjust to this new activity. I even took my bike to return Kyle's power tools. I thought I'd have an empty satchel on my way home but was incorrect, as apparently I had left enough of my own things at his house to fill the satchel right back up! He likes it when I leave my shoes in his car!

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