Where I come from: Relative Finder

I have almost no apps on my facebook. I use facebook to chat with my dad, show off my cute siblings, tease friends I don't see often, and stay up to date on ward activities. BUT there is a one app I think is fantastic and you should all give it a try. It is called Relative Finder. You install the app and it will have you sign into New Family Search. Your log in is the same as it would be for any church websites, such as Once you are logged in it will show you all the famous people you are related to.

Mine goes on and on forever, it really does, however I don't really care that I am 10th cousins with Richard Nixon. I also don't think that being 10th cousins once removed with Elder Holland will get me an invite for Sunday dinner. But it is cool. I am also 10th cousins with varied degrees of removal from Ballard, Hales, Oaks, and Perry, because I know you wanted to know.

There is also a feature, once you have logged on, where you can see how you are related to your facebook friends that also have the app installed. So log on and find out how we are related. You know you want to and maybe you will find some interesting people you are related to like I did. I am planning on sharing the interesting, and directly related ones here. GET EXCITED!

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