I found this picture some time ago and pinned it. I like the idea of a man who will build bookshelves for me. I like what I call a retrosexual man. A man who is a man, and it is only fair then that he gets a feminine woman.

I was raised by MY mom and dad however, and today when I was in Lowe's for much longer than planned and also Saturday comparing prices on power tools and purchasing the one that said 60% more power, I realized I am a lot like my parents. The woman who took welding classes, was learning to blacksmith, and restore her 55 Willies Jeep. The man who loves to use his chainsaw, and drive motorcycles in the desert.

Later I was at IKEA with a man who is all about being manly. I was teasing him and I said "I am going to purchase this bookshelf, I am going to carry it to my car by myself, and I am going to go home and assemble it with my own tools! How does that make you feel?" and he let me.

When I was home later, watching Gettysburg, assembling my new bookcase, and building my bench with Kyle's power tools. I thought "I could text a cute boy and tell him I need help and we could have a good time doing all these things together." But then I realized I was having too much fun to ask a boy over because without fail they always take over and I have to watch them have all the fun. (Like when I changed my brake pads and just wanted the boy to loosen a lug nut but he did the whole thing while I stubbornly protested that he was taking all the fun.) So I didn't call anyone and I did it myself and I enjoyed every stinking minute of it.

So I would like to revise the above to: I want a boy who will build bookshelves with me, let me use the power tools once and awhile, loan me his testosterone when I need it, and be okay with watching Gettysburg. Do you think I can get someone to print that out in vinyl for me? 

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