AHHHHH!!!... and my secret snack.

So I need to do some venting and have a MILLION things to blog about. However, this is not the appropriate venue as most of the things I want to vent about read this very blog. In addition to that who wants to keep reading all my downer posts? Not me! So here is a funny-gross story for your reading pleasure:

But you can only read it if you promise no matter what you read in the following paragraph that you will not judge me. Oh and remember that I shower!

Today I was eating chips in my car. (P.S. Bad idea in your brand new car) I got out of my car to walk into the UDOT building and felt something scratchy in my shirt. So I look down and realize I have a whole chip in there! So I think score another chip and I eat it. Don't judge me. It was MY chip on MY freshly showered skin. Anyway it was right when I realized I had yelled score out loud that I turn and become painfully aware that I had an audience in a truck parked outside the buidling. Oppsie! Sorry guys.

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  1. Know what? I was kind of expecting something worse. I'm sure I'd have done the same thing (except maybe minus the yelling part).

    This makes me miss you...