Who likes war?

I have a crush named Willie. He follows this blog (Hello Willie). I wanted to go to Logan last night to visit him and couldn't get out of the plans I already had in SLC.

Willie: So..... I come 75% of the way and you run in the other direction?
Me: If I could have gotten out of my plans I would have been up there in a flash
[I went on to tell him some of the details of things that are troubling me.]
Me: But all is fair in love and war right?
Willie: Supposedly, but who likes war?

You are correct Willie. No one likes war. But I will go to war for four things:
1.If anyone makes fun of, hurts, or is unkind to something I love. (Basically: family, the gospel, and BFFs)
2. Being talked to like I am three. I am a big girl. Don't talk to me like I am dumb.

3. If you lie to me. ANY form of dishonesty. So yeah lying right to my face counts, obviously, but things such as hiding things from me count as well. Even if you think you are protecting me. NEVER lie to me. I am tough I can take it, what I can't take is, I'll say it again, dishonesty.
4. Being shushed. Oh my goodness, I am getting mad just thinking about it!

So there you have it. No one likes war, but sometimes you have to go to war in order to have peace.


  1. Oh man, nothing makes me madder faster than being lied to! NOTHING!

  2. I'm just glad I didn't DIE in the war!

  3. lies lies lies secrets and lies! I will join you in that frustration! Love the way you put this, by the way. And who likes being shushed, really?
    Those are all good reasons to go to war. Hope it doesn't have to go that far, though! :)