Thanks Jake!

I had a long talk with my brother Jake recently. He was so cute and concerned about me and I was so grateful for his call. There is nothing better than a boy who loves you and is protective of you. My heart was so happy and when I went to say goodnight to him I said "Jake, I am so thankful that I am sealed to you forever!" The amazingly sensitive man that he is replies, "Reese, I picked you to be my sister in the pre-existence..." Sweet right? Wait til you hear the end. "Because I knew you'd be a screw up and need my help!"

Screw up or not, I am grateful that my sweet brother was there to cheer me up. I could tell that he was genuinely concerned about me and that he genuinely cared. Jake, I am serious when I tell you that I am glad I am stuck with you for eternity.

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  1. that sounds like something my brother Goose would say to me. don't you just love brothers?!