He loves me, He really loves me!

My brother Logan is adorable let me just start with that. When he was learning to pray, my parents told him to just tell Heavenly Father everything he was thankful for. His prayers went something like this " Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for peaches, and apples, and grapes... and strawberries, and blueberries, etc etc etc. Cute boy huh?

Today I couldn't help think of the little guy during our Relief Society lesson on the creation. They discussed how much nature shows our Father in Heaven love for us. Which is great, and I love being outside in the world Heavenly Father made for me. I recognize that every beautiful thing is a little love note from him. However the lesson manual had a few gems in it that really touched me that we never touched upon in class. (good reason to read the lessons, they are short you can do it)

It talked about how His creations are not only to please the eye but to gladden the heart and then right afterward talks about food and talks about he created things not only for us to see, but to taste and smell. Thank you Heavenly Father for making peaches for me. And thank you for making the strawberries I had on my pancakes last night. I really enjoyed them with almond whipped cream, ask anyone in the room, it gladdened my heart.

My favorite part of the lesson was when it lists things He has created to show His love for us. The sun, the rain, a bird singing, a friend laughing, our bodies. Hmm... wait a second... I had never thought of a friends laugh as one of His creations. Heavenly Father, the power of a majestic sunset certainly warms my soul and testifies to me of your love. But a friends laughter is such a precious thing to me, and it occurs much more frequently in my life than does my observation of waterfalls, or a sunset over the ocean. Thanks for giving us the ability to laugh. You didn't have to. You didn't need to take the time to give us laughter, or blueberries.

So tonight my prayer is something like this "Heavenly Father, Thank you for Peaches... and Kate's laugh, and Lolly's laugh, for Krista's Laugh, and Emily's... For Zacula's laugh even though it is at my expense, and Snub's laugh, and Wade O's laugh, and Drew's, I love that Kyle laughs with his eyes... I love that both of my littlest siblings laugh with their noses scrunched up, I love my papa's laugh that I would recognize anywhere, and for my mom's laugh that I still echos in my heart. And finally, thank you for this little gem in the lesson today. I love you too." 

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  1. HA HA HA...Fa la la la Ha. HEee hee hee. Tee hee hee....ho ho hum. Buwaa aagh aagh!