Breaking up is hard to do... but not this time!!!!

I recently ended a 5 year realationship. This is Sanchez:

Well it is a picture I found on google images that looks exactly the same. Except for a few things. This car does not have dimples. Which Sanchez recived during her first tornado. Or the ensuing rust spots that followed. This car has it's original hub caps. I had to buy Sanchez new ones when i ran into the atm machine in Nebraska and they came rolling off and I didn't want to chase them through the mall parking lot with the bank ladies watching me so I just drove away. The new ones were chrome colored and looked really really bad on my old ghetto car so my roommates and myself rubbed mud all over them.

Oh Sanchez, I was so happy to have found you. You ran well and never gave me even one heart ache. Ther is some debate to how you received your name. I know that it had something to do with a late night run to Beto's, pickles, and lemonade, maybe Pidge will remember. We had TONS of good times together. So many crazy fun road trips. But that last week or so I just started to feel like we were over. It was time for me to move on. And you were getting sick. It was time to put you out of your misery. RIP Sanchez.

Here is the new purchase:

Okay this one is also from Google images because i don't want to get up and go outside and take a picture of my new acquisition. The only difference really is that my car has tinted windows and a HUGE Husker sticker in the window. She is cactus green and I am in love. But she needs a name. Ideas?


  1. this new car of yours a girl or a boy.

  2. Oh Sanchez, what a good car, and what good times! Pretty sure the name did come from a late night betos run...haha. :) Your new car is GORGEOUS! She needs a sexy name.

  3. you could name it Smurfette!

  4. Annie, when are we going to hangout!!?