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I've been playing a few songs non-stop on my i-pod the past few days to make me feel better. As hard as I try to pretend that I am not a girl about things, as a girl I can't help but love those who claim to love me. In the end I don't think that is a bad thing.

Shut Up and Drive

Shut up and drive
You don't know what you're talking about
He's not the one
You ought to know that by now
You've got one of those hearts
That keeps changing your mind
Your heart has a way of making you stay
So shut up and drive

I'm the voice you never listen to
And I had to break your heart to make you see
That he's the one who will be missing you
And you'll only miss the man
That you wanted him to be

Turn the radio on
To drown out the sound of goodbye
Blink back the tears
Show me you've still got your pride
Just get yourself lost
In a sad country song
Those guys that they play
Know just what to say
Turn the radio on.

Move On

We’re wastin’ all our time and energy it seems
To mend our broken hearts as if they were machines
There ain’t a tool around that could make us tight

Hell I don’t know where all the good times went
Had a pocket full of love now there ain’t nothin’ left but lint
A handful of good times don’t make it right

We’re always sayin’ things that we don’t really mean
Like I love you and I’ll be with you for all eternity
We don’t have that long to work this out

So move on
There ain’t nothing you can do about it
Come on
Love is like a puzzle when the pieces don’t fit
There ain’t nothing you can do about it

and finally the words to my all time favorite dirt band song:

Don't Underestimate Love

You say another love has left you
Feeling sad and insecure
You'd like to think that it's all worth it
But now you're not so sure
Baby just because it's painful
It doesn't mean it's real
Sometimes we're simply desperate
For something to feel, uh-huh
Don't underestimate love
It's the same old bedtime story
The same old dreams of glory
We all hold on to
It's all so beautifully tragic
So painfully romantic
But so far from the truth
Baby I could slay your dragons
But I'd rather set them free

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