A few observations

1. It has been what? 40 degrees at the most outside lately? So how come the ladies in sports bras are already out in full force? I saw three at work yesterday! I really thought I had more time to prepare! I asked rob if maybe they just forgot their shirt when they left the house and he said he has the same problem with his pants. Is it just me or do people look better with clothes on?

2. I am currently donating plasma. While in the waiting room I had two fun experiences. One guy came into the waiting room yelling, "this is such a waste of time! Coming to America! What a joke!" Then just a few minutes later another guy comes out of an exam room yelling, "it's not my fault I'm allergic to peanuts! What are you going to do about it?!"

3. My apron at work broke. It made me feel awful chubby when every time I would bend over it would come unsnapped so I went in for a new one and they didn't have anymore so I had to revert back to the vest. It may be bad but the vest makes me feel chubby and I hate it! Enough so that work just isn't the same. I hate that I am some one who lets how attractive she feels effect her day.


  1. I love the plazam stories! That is hilarious! I'm so glad I'm not allergic to peanuts. Good to know I can donate.