Me: There are  4 words I really really hate in our language.
J: What are they?
M: No, no. I told them all to Zac once and he found a way to use them all in a sentence. Then told a bunch of other people to frequently use those words around me. It's how he shows his love, we are very close you see.
J: Well I hate the word totes.
M: Like that you store Christmas decor in?
J: No, like I totes want to go get carne asada fries right now.
A: So it means totally?
J: Yeah, like when people say presh. I hate that too.
A: Wait I might say presh... Let me consider this.... No I don't think I do. But who even says totes? That's crazy talk!
J: My friends from Jersey!
A: Well then I TOTES need to be saying it!!!!
J: Are you kidding me right now?
A: Totes not kidding....

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