Happy B-Day Zacula

I was texting Zac last night.

Me: I think people are sick of hearing about how much I love you.

Zac: I think you are sick of not seeing me.

Me: Well I am just an amazing friend who loves you anyway.

I thought about this birthday post for a few weeks now. I thought of posting "Our song." The one he sang to me the first time we went out together. I was so nervous. I so desperately wanted to be his friend and I was so sure I wasn't good enough. Not funny enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough.

I thought of posting our favorite Mika song that we sing at the top of our lungs and when someone asks us if we think Mika might possibly be homosexual we both say "FLAMING" and keep on singing.

I thought about posting the song he played for me after he chased me down in the Borders parking lot after our first fight.

"I could never leave you, you know I never could
Even though you drive me crazy, even though you know I should
You flirt with all the ladies, you flirt with all the boys
You flirt with my grandmother, do you hear me making noise?"

But really all I think when I think of my friend is that I am just constantly in awe of the fact that he does love me, and so grateful that I know it and never have to doubt it. He, more than just about anyone, knows exactly who I am. For some reason he doesn't just love me inspite of my many defects, but loves the defects too. 

Love means never licking an orange peel covered in honey while playing CandyLand in a zippered sweater... (Or any of those things separately)...  and I love you 18! I can't wait to see you this weekend! 

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