I almost missed a birthday post. Geez. But to be fair I was in Vegas then she was in Florida so we didn't get to connect for a happy birthday in stretchy pants party until last weekend.

We are planning our fishing/camping trip for next week and she suggested that I look at her Pinterest board. Well she actually told me to look at her interest board, but I knew what she meant.

Before I clicked on the board for all things outdoors, I clicked on her board marked awesome and realized why she is my bestie.

A quick sampling:
 The shore speaks to my soul too.

 Seriously? Yes Please!

 Oh Gil...

 We both love our stretchy pants.

 Let's talk about it while we knit and watch Gilbert.

 This needs to be in my kitchen.

 Don't be too hard on yourself. Let's talk about it while we fish.

Can you see why I like her? Just saying.

Welcome to 30... So far it hasn't been so bad.

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