Meet Chaps

Setting: Break Room, Annie is reading Sports Illustrated, everyone else is talking quietly.

Annie: Did you read this article about the 5k fad? Do you know there is an Elvis Rock N' Roll Marathon in Vegas each year and everyone dresses up li.... (Closes the magazine and glances at the back cover) Holy Crap! Yes please! I'll take two. Look at this delicious sailor man. He needs to live in my office.
JS: Annie you are such a pervert! Why do men get such a bad reputation for oggling women? You girls are just as bad, if not worse!

Annie: This man is fully clothed! and sexy... He could easily be a priesthood holder!

JT: Right, you want him in your office because he looks so righteous.

Annie: Yes, When I stare into his eyes they say back to me "Save me a spot in Sacrament meeting ok? I have to go help with the Sacrament."

JS: That isn't what they say to me!

Annie: No to you they would say "Bless or Pass?" And you would not be able to say no.

JT: "Would you like a diet coke?"

Annie: Yes! He would say things just like that. You can see his true nature!

U: She really like dis man. Him or "the 9:30 cowboy" better?

Annie: My Cowboy!

U: Him or Hrithik (My favorite Bollywood actor)?

Annie: I don't like this game...

This lovely picture is now up in my office. Next to a picture of the 9:30 Cowboy... His name is Chaps.

Thanks boys! I love him!

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