Nothing Really

I was going to write a post about the Aggie Shuttle
But as I was writing it (and laughing out loud) I realized the stories are funny because of how absolutely insane other people behave while in public. I could write about them, and we could all laugh. But we would be laughing AT someone. Somehow that just didn't feel right to me. Just know that CRAZY, insane things happened to me almost everyday on the shuttle.

I miss it.

* * * * *

Last night I made homemade carne asada.

You are jealous I know.

But that is not the point of the story.

I decided, allergic or not, I was going to load that tortilla up with some spicy guacamole.
It just seemed essential and Katy wasn't home to tell me no.

But she came home while I was blissfully up to my eyeballs in guacamole and carne asada deliciousness.

So through bites I said to her "I know, I know, but I am committing blissful suicide right now."

She thought I said I was committing emotional suicide and was concerned.

What do you think emotional suicide consists of?

Watching Mormon Messages until you have no tears left to cry?

* * * * *

I retired from my Friday night shift at the temple.
It is breaking my heart a little because I am missing the people I worked with.
I just figured with my Wednesday night temple shift that I should leave one night a week for me.
I don't even remember what it is like to have a free Friday night.
What are single people doing these days on a Friday night?

I am going to the gallery stroll then to a movie.
What do you do on a Friday night?


  1. The title of your post makes so much sense once the closing question was issued!

    Tonight, I'm going to learn how to make papusas. You probably already knew that, though ;-)

  2. I read my Google Reader and the back log of your blog posts then go post comments on them.

    Signing this one because someone already took Anonymous.

    Mr. K