My Glove Box

The other day I was in someone else's car and we were looking for something to write on so he opened up his glove box. Inside was his owners manual, a first aid kit, and a neatly folded hand out from Sunday school
I thought of my own glove box.
Cut to a week or so later... Leah and I are on our way back from Vegas and we stop to get some cold medicine for me. I run into the store while Leah waits outside.
When I get back Leah says "I took the liberty of going through your glove box! I found all kinds of treasures.
"Um you didn't happen to find something real gross wrapped up in a napkin did you?"
"Um no, gross."
"Oh don't worry it's just my shutter button. What did you find?"
"Well to start with... COLD MEDICINE, sunglasses, and some floss."
So while waiting for my bountiful basket this morning I decided to go through it. I made an inventory list. The only thing I tossed was an old registration.
Window markers in two colors
Chik-fil-a sauce
Cough drops
Pink leopard print gloves
Current registration
Menu from East Coast Subs
Owners manual
Map of Idaho
List of songs to download
Box of Sharpies
Note on how to get old W-2s from Lowes
Spare brake light
Sports wrap
The super gross shutter button
Many pens
Nail polish (pink)
Mouth wash
Box knife
Screw driver
Dental floss
Chinese hot Mustard
Pain reliever
Pearl necklace (real, not costume)
I am prepared for all kinds of strange eventualities. Maybe I will find a way to use them all, or make up a bedtime story that references all the items, OR better yet see if I can apply them all to a gospel principle. 
P.S. The shutter button story is as follows: My favorite DSLR camera is not my Canon but my Fuji. True story. However the shutter button fell off the Fuji. So I just carried it around and stuck it back on temporarily when I needed it. One time it happened to be in my cup holder, unbeknownst to myself, when a Diet Coke was spilled. It wasn't a little spill it filled both cup holders in the console. I had no napkins or anything so we went about our business and I decided to clean it when we arrived home. Unfortunately by then the water had evaporated and all that was left was my shutter button covered in Diet Coke syrup. So I cleaned up the cup holders, took FOREVER, and stuck the shutter button in a napkin. Where it still is today.  

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  1. Haha I'm so glad I'm not the only person with an odd assortment of things in the car! Now I want to go through it all! :)