Last night I was chatting with a friend in my car and I said "I wish that there was a way I could tell boys I am safe."

My friend asked what I meant by that. Well here is what I mean and what I wish I could just hand to boys on a little note card.

If you want to take me on a date I will see that as a sign that, as my dad says "you don't feel neutral towards me."

If you take me on 2 or 3 more dates I will take that as a sign that you enjoy my company, and are deciding if you would like to take me on 2 or 3 more.

If at any point in this process you decided that:
1) I am fantastic, amazing, and sexy and you want to hold my hand, please do.
2) That I would make a great best friend, tell me. I am a big girl and while I may be disappointed, I won't be crushed. I would love to be friends. I am great at being friends.
3) You want to take me on a few more dates. Let's set something up.
 I feel like dating can and should be that simple. One date doesn't have to mean anything more than you would like to get to know someone better. And a date doesn't have to be anything more than a nice long walk where you tell me all about you so I can decided if I want to say yes to 2 or 3 more dates.

I might draw up a dating agreement. Just for fun like I did with traveling. 


  1. Might need on of those contracts if you ever make them. Then again maybe not.

    What you need is those cards I made for you!

  2. You couldn't be righter. I'd go for a card too! :))