The One With Kyle's "Book"

and other odd Kyle type experiences...

I asked Kyle when we could be friends again.
He said "NEVER!"
I said "yesterday?"
he said do you have dinner plans?

Let me tell you quickly about Kyle's book.
He was giving a thought once for ward prayer or something and he used a quote from some book. Afterwards our friend Casey said "Hey Kyle can I see your book?" To which Kyle responded by standing up and turning his posterior towards Casey. We all just kind of stared at each other and giggled a little until Kyle says "Oh I thought you asked if you could see my butt."

Which made things even funnier and more awkward because why was he so willing to display it? So we tease him all the time about "his book." On Sunday, right after I asked to be friends again, Katy told him that his book was looking really nice. To which he responded "STOP looking." To which I responded "but Kyle I really like to read."

So later when I found this on Pinterest I couldn't stop myself from posting it to his wall.

Later he was napping while I was doing dishes, and throwing away all of his junk mail, don't worry he likes it. He had only been asleep, as far as I could tell, for a minute or two when he sits up, says" That was really strange" and goes back to sleep. What an odd kid, I mean man.

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