Happy Birthday to me

My birthday isn't until Wednesday the 19th but last night some friends of ours threw a 50th birthday for me and my sister. Her birthday was the 8th and together this year we turned 50. The party was awesome and full of good food, good friends, and good times! I am not one of those people who will start reflecting on her life on her birthday. I am hopefully always reflecting on it and trying to find ways to make it better. But as I find myself a year older I find myself a little bit closer to becoming this...
I figure we better stop trying to avoid the inevitable and that is why getting this picture from a friend is one of my favorite birthday presents so far...

funny pictures
I guess I am actually going the way of the dogs but that is basically the same right?


  1. You are NOT a cat lady!!!! and here are the reasons I've thought of:
    1. You are definitely a dog person! I know this to be true because you have a dog.
    2. You will never be a cat lady because you have personality and you don't have conversations with long awkward pauses in them, (or at least none that I've noticed lately).
    3. You can't be a cat lady until you give up on life to the point that you've given up your sense of style . . . um yah, I just can't see you doing this anytime soon.
    4. Cats sneak around and make you feel bad about yourself . . . like any of us need something or someone like that in our lives.
    5. Cats stink. You don't. Not a match!

  2. Happy Birthday Today, Annie!! And I agree, as cool as being a cat lady would be, you are definitely not the crazy cat lady type. Haha. I hope you have an awesome day!!

  3. Happy late birthday. I hope your doggie is doing better!