Cool like Lindsay

I thought I would blog about the gym like Lindsay does all the days.

1. I have a favorite elliptical machine because it is right under the ESPN TV so all the boys in the weight area of the gym are always looking at me and smiling. I know it isn't really at me but it's fun to pretend.

2. I have been looking for a good gym boyfriend. Haven't made a final decision yet but I am actually leaning toward the guy at the front desk. I see him twice a day I mean that is more than I see any other man in my life so I think he qualifies.

3. New favorite pick up line... So I was noticing your playlist... The machines shows your ipod playlist really big on the screen. You can minimize it but I have no problem with people knowing I am working out to "Big girl."

1 comment:

  1. I love this post and I'm totally stealing your genius plan of using the machine under the ESPN TV.