Early onset Alzheimer's Disease

I was telling Zac the other day that I think I am loosing my mind and that I may have early onset Alzheimer's Disease. I went home and looked it up in my self diagnosis book that my insurance company sent me last year.

Symptom One: Persons with AD forget names and numbers.
A couple months ago this way cute guy asked me for my number. I gave him what I honestly thought was my number. Turns out the number I gave him was my old work number in Logan.

Symptom Two: The person often forgets simple words or substitutes unusual words. (e.g. calling the toothbrush "that thing for my mouth)

I was in the car one night trying to tell Steven a story... "We were at that place. You know the one. The place where we go to class. The place were I have to wear a dress. You bring your scriptures." "Do you mean church?" "Yeah that's right church! So we were at that place.")

Symptom Three: Persons with AD can get lost in familiar places.

At least three or four times in College I would drive home to a house I hadn't lived in for years. Get out of my car and walk up to the front door.

Symptom Four: Persons with AD may dress inappropriately for the weather or show poor judgment about money.
I feel as though this one needs no explanation

Symptom Five: Persons with AD will misplace things. This is more than forgetting where keys are placed. The person with AD may place things in inappropriate locations such as a watch in the sugar bowl.

Remember when I put groceries away and put toilet paper in the fridge and cantaloupe in the bath tub?

Symptom Six: Persons with AD will rely on others to make decisions.

Who has ever tried to get me to decide what to order at a restaurant?

Symptom seven: Persons with AD will neglect to do normal activities such as bathing and dressing themselves.
Well I have been assured by my roommate that I am still good there.

Don't anybody think I am a hypochondriac or anything. I am not going to admit myself just yet. I am just saying.


  1. This is so funny, but I think we all fit into these categories. Remember when we lived with a person that did not flush the toilet? Maybe this is why? :)

    I MISS YOU!!!

  2. Hahaha! Oh gosh. I could probably diagnose myself with that too. That was an enjoyable blog!