For a while, actually a long while in college I worked at a Quiznos. First off I would like to say I worked there for years and ate there everyday and I NEVER got sick of the food. In fact I could easily go for a Turkey Bacon Guacamole right now, if I hadn't just cooked the most amazing lunch ever already, and it wasn't all the way across town.

What I loved most about Quiznos though is I met a lot of my very best friends there. It was all my co-workers who showed up at my house the night my mom died with gifts and then said a prayer for me on my front porch. I am still very close with a few of them and hope to remain so for a long time to come. The store manager in both the Logan store and the one in the Kearney store were like moms to me when I desperately needed one.

I quit quiznos however not because of the people or the job. I quit because this had become me...
 and I was no longer a quality employee.

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