My head and my heart!

I was listening to an old old song today in the car.

Heart ,don't fall now
If you do I might never bring you back around
Heart take it slow, don't let her know.
If you'll be on your guard when she reaches out
Oh I'm counting on you, not to fall apart
Heart, don't fall now.
~Sawyer Brown, Heart Don't Fall Now

At first I was thinking man this guy has multiple personalities. One talking to the other trying to convince him not to fall. Then I started to think how we are all like this. At least I am. How many times has my head had to have a little talk with my heart or even the other way around. While they both do a great job of guiding my life and helping me to make decisions they often both give me very different advice.

I then started thinking about this in terms of relationships. Mainly, because that is an area where they both have a lot of say on how things go. For example we have all been in those relationships that just feel right and you can't get enough of them. You feel like you are in love and yet the entire time you brain is saying "What are you thinking? This won't ever work long term. Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" But what the heck you say to yourself we are in love and love conquers all. Like my heart or my head have any idea what "in love" truly is or how much work it involves, but that is a blog for another time.

Then there are those relationships where logically everything makes sense. He maybe even fits perfectly into that list you made when you were 12 that said he had to be a surfer/rock star with a nice car, sexy name, cool accent, nice hair, and love all the names you already had picked out for your kids. Yeah that guy. You are dating that guy and he is not only all those things but he is also temple worthy, honors his priesthood, and remembers the name of the puppy you grew up with. He is like Gilbert, and Mr. Darcy, and cookie monster all rolled into one... and he wants you! He wants to marry you and have babies with you and go to Ireland on your honeymoon. And no matter how hard you try you just don't feel anything for him. You are sitting there saying "Come on heart, what the heck are you doing? Here he is... we prayed him here... maybe you could kick it into gear!" and to be fair you really wish you did love him.

So do we pick which one is more important and hitch our wagons to their star? No! Please no! So how do you pick? I'm not going to. I have every hope that someone will come along who will make both my head and my heart happy. I also have every reason to believe that whoever it is will probably surprise both. So I'll end here and leave you with the song that interrupted this lovely train of thought. Sometimes I can't believe how my Ipod always pick the perfect song!

Enjoy! I have left over Thai food calling my name...

I like blue eyes, hers are green
Not like the woman of my dreams
And her hair's not quite as long as I had planned
Five foot three isn't tall
She's not the girl I pictured at all
In those paint by number fantasies I've had

No, it wasn't at first sight
But the moment I looked twice
I saw the woman I was born to love
Her laughter fills my soul
And when I hold her I don't wanna let go
When it comes to her I can't get enough

So it took me by complete surprise
When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes
She's not at all what I was looking for
She's more
~Andy Griggs, She's More


  1. My head and heart are both happy -- it happens :-)

  2. It's like that scripture in D&C where the Lord says he will tell you "in your mind and in your heart"....I think it goes for the person you are to marry as well.

  3. Reese I think you put into words things alot of girls would like to say, I loved this entry! And yess you are right, It will happen that yopur heart and mind will be content someday, it will be the sure sign. cheese.