So this morning I had the chance to catch up with an old friend. After Colin lectured me about not being married we started to reminisce about the old days. He said he really missed my stories So I promised to post one of my favorite ones about him.

So I had this friend/roommate in college, who had a crush on this guy who worked at the tire store in Sam's Club. She was way to scared to talk to him so we spent a few days walking really fast past the tire counter and giggling around corners. I know girls are crazy. But moving on. I got sick of her not doing anything about it so I wrote a naughty little love note and made her put it on his car. I signed it Escorpio. I got the name from a Spanish horoscope that was sitting in her car. Anyway even though we signed it with that name and drove my car to do it and i wrote it he still traced it back to her eventually.

This same friend had a dream about Colin's brother one night. She woke up from this dream with a total crush on the guy. So I again composed a note. I think this time I had my friend Amber write it down. So we drove down through their neighborhood and parked on the next street over, as we all had cars that could easily be identified as ours. As I remember it I was the driver and Amber the runner. I am not even sure if Miss Paula even knew we were doing it. HA HA and I think amber wore a trench coat. HA HA HA HA.

Anyway as Colin and his brother started to research where this note could have come from we started to leave them for more and more boys in the ward. It was a fun game. The funny thing is that boys started to claim to have gotten Escorpio notes,boys we never wrote notes for. So either there was a copy cat or some boys felt so left out that they had to pretend to be included.

Anyway a few months later Amber started dating Colin and she saw the note on their refrigerator. Colin seemed sad that he had been left out and was not worthy of a naughty love note. So a few nights later the whole posse loaded up in the car for another Escorpio note drop. Unfortunately it was apparently not as good as Dane's note and he still felt left out. Maybe that is one of the reasons Amber and Colin didn't make it. Ha Ha.

I learned this technique from my mom who use to leave my daddy naughty love notes on his car etc. One night when we were coming back from some late night thing on campus we saw a car belonging to the roommate of my crush. It was always better to do it when their car was somewhere other than at home. It's harder to trace back to you that way. Escorpio once again composed a little note. A few days later he asked me out and we actually had quite a few good times. I should come up with a new alias and start the tradish again.


  1. My first reaction was to laugh at the handle Scorpio. That is wicked awesome.

    You know what though, leaving annonymous notes is a great way to drive guys crazy. I received one while I was in school and I had no idea who left it. Naturally, no one ever admitted to it all, so it really just kept me wondering for a couple days until I stopped caring anymore. However, if the note would've been signed by Escorpio or something cool like that, I would've enjoyed it far more, so that's a nice touch.

    Here's another thought - since all guys think they're hot (at least according to your post below), maybe receiving an annonymous note would cause the dude to automatically think the girl who left it was the girl he happened to be crushing on at the time. For some, this would likely embolden him to actually ask out the girl. Maybe that explains the timing behind you getting asked out by that guy? Or maybe it's sheer coincidence. :)

  2. I love being a girl. I remember when Michelle made me drive by this one guy's house 8 times one night just to see if she could see him for a second through the window....WOW!

  3. oh escorpio! the times we did share...haha! "if you were a mcdonalds sandwich, you'd be a mcgorgeous." love this post!

  4. Ha ha what was my name when we made the Valentine's love note run this year? I can't remember but it was good too.