Things the Hall girls heart!

1. Brother Olsen
2. Crazy Whateves Picnics
3. Sarah Jackson
4. Mexican food, Katy / Chinese food, Annie
5. Walks on the greenbelt
6. The whole fam damily.
7. Puppies
8. The Dinkel kids
9. Bro. Belnap
10. Win a Date, and Counte Of Monte Cristo
11. Country Music
12. Relief Society
13. Friday Forum
14. Nitty Gritty Dirt band
15. Road trips
16. Nebraska
17. The Kearney Ward
18. Knitting
19. Non-committal flirting
20. CO


  1. Excuse me, but I do not see my name on the Hall girls heart list. On the next go around I expect to see it at the top or at least somewhere on it! :)


  2. But I saw MY name on the list and it was #3. I don't remember ever being on anyones top three before! Thanks you, Thank you. I don't know what I did to deserve this! I'd like to thank the academy . . . oh, I'm so excited I just want to call you and give you both hugs. I'm doing it TODAY!