Sharknado V. Pacific Rim

Last night I left Dave's house early and was heading home to do some laundry, watch some well earned television, and go to bed early. The Lord had other plans for me. So did the Woods Cross City police department. But that is a story for another time.

In the middle of "Traumatic" experience my phone rang. It was Kyle. It was extra funny because his ring tone is a "DUN DUN DUN" kind of tone. Oh so accurate for the situation I was in. I couldn't help but laugh. I think it actually helped my situation.

Anyway... Kyle wanted to go to a movie. He gave me a list of options. Then after I picked one he picked a different one and we went to see Pacific Rim.
I have seen movies in 3D before and thought "meh." This movie was AMAZING in the 3D department. But oh the cheesiness. I could not take another moment of poorly written dialogue. This is one of the movies you see for action only. That is totally fair. But if you can't write a tender scene just leave it out. Don't make us all sit in the theater cringing from how awkward these scenes are.

Spoiler alert. At the end of the movie, the two pilots that you are supposed to have grown attached to but really you still don't care much about the fate of either, have just saved the world from the Kiju and are floating in a life raft in the middle of the ocean... This is intense guys... They lean in and... nothing. That is the end of the movie. You save the world, and with all that adrenaline pumping through your system you don't even kiss her face off? Seriously. Why even save the world?

While watching this movie I couldn't help but compare it to a movie Dave and I had seen a few weeks ago. Have you heard of Sharknado? It's on the Syfy channel. Go DVR it right now and plan a movie night, you will not be disappointed. I promise.

Warning. This movie is bloody. But in an almost comical way. You are going to want to pay close attention so you don't miss the part where one of the main characters falls out of a helicopter and is swallowed mid air by a shark. Only a moment later another shark comes after our other female lead and her father fires up his chainsaw and jumps INTO the shark to save her. You will want to watch the rest of the clip so you can see how this movie ends. It is incredible I promise!

But at the end of this movie after he has saved the world and his daughter. He is COVERED is shark blood and guts he gets a kiss from his ex-wife. That kiss made Dave gag and so I made sure to find a clip that included it for your viewing pleasure.

We discussed in depth whether there would ever be a time in life where your significant other might be covered in blood and you wouldn't be able to wait a couple of minutes for them to get cleaned up. We couldn't come up with one. While watching the movie one of those little blurbs popped up showing fun tweets about the movie and one said something along the lines of "will people start putting 'I would chainsaw myself out of a shark for you' into their wedding vows?"

I would like to add to the list... True love means never sharing a bloody entrails kiss. But to be fair at least in this movie someone actually felt some perceivable emotions after saving the world.

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