Simon McMonkey McBean

Now I love dearly all my siblings,
but something about this little man has me captivated! 
I believe this has been well established in past posts. 

I got home late the other night and noticed my Dad's Facebook status:
"Simon got squished by the tail gate/ ramp on our trailer and fractured his pelvis."
I was FREAKING out but I didn't want to wake anyone who might have a fractured pelvis, or someone who had been in the hospital with the broken boy all day. So I just sat there awake picturing all kinds of horrible things happening to the love of my life and really having no idea how broken he was. I did all I could do. I prayed like crazy.
I called in the morning and found out that my little monkey was playing in the yard and pulled the pin out of the flatbed trailer resulting in the ramp crashing down on his little body. The final prognosis: Three fractures in this pelvis. Hospital stay, followed by 3 weeks bed rest, and then up to two months with a walker. Ask me how you keep a three year old off his feet for the rest of the summer. I don't know. I suppose his parents are figuring it out a day at a time. If he doesn't he risks internal bleeding and or major Surgery.
When I called him in the hospital he told me all about the dinosaurs on the tray they brought his Jello in on. All about the "Metal" balloon Dad brought him that just wasn't worth it. Also that he was done being brave and was ready to go home. 
All I could think about all day was how badly I wanted to be there to just hold him until it was all better, and I am not even his parent so I can't imagine how they were feeling. But they DID get to hold him.  
 I am very grateful to friends and family who dropped by and brought him little packages and to my friend Emily who made ME peanut butter bars because even when it is just your heart that is fractured in three places you'd be surprised how peanut butter bars can speed up the healing.
I also found myself grateful for friends like Matt, Trevor, Lolly, and Drew who go out of their way to get to know my family. 
 This picture warms my heart. Two of my favorite men.  

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