He Better Be

I have been trying to remember stories about my mom.

If you have one, even one I have shared with you, please pass it along.

Here is one of my favorites:

One night my friend dropped me off late at the house. As I was walking up to bed I heard my dad say "What were you doing out so late? He better not have been kissing you!" Not in an angry way, in a teasing way. Mom then chimed in "If he had you out that late he BETTER have been kissing you!"

Thanks for the advice mom!


  1. So... your mom was driving me to or from a church activity in your truck, and she told me of the time she was eating rum flavored ice cream while driving and a police man pulled her over for some reason or other and she was so scared he would smell rum on her breath and he would think she was drinking and driving! I remember laughing so hard during this story. She definitely was one of my favorite people to see at church every week. :)

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