An Ice Cold Fanta

There have been a lot of crazy, and by crazy I mean really sad and heartbreaking, things happening in the life of my friends. Sometimes it weighs just a little heavy on the heart because I want nothing more than to be able to make everyone's troubles go away. And a lessening of my own heartbreak wouldn't be refused. I have had more than one friend remark to me that what we all need is a beer.

The other night Kyle, Katy, and I were heading home after a night of adventure and Kyle says "I can't wait to get home and crack open an ice cold Fanta." But he didn't have one on hand so we headed to Smith's where he got his Fanta and I got a Neuro Bliss. If it does what the label claims (eliminates stress and promotes happiness) then we are in business.
Umm. I am not sure it worked because I drank it the next day at Education Week classes. So I think that being with a very dear old friend, and studying the gospel all day, I wasn't going to feel stress anyway. It is great that there is a drink that will reduce our stress and increase happiness. But guess what?

What we really need is to be able to more fully apply the atonement in our lives. Because the miracle of the atonement is that suffering is not required. That is what Christ did for us. What He needs from us is a change of heart. Sometimes a change of heart can only happen by suffering. So we have to learn how to offer up a broken heart without suffering, or with minimal suffering. Ummm... That sounds real hard and like maybe I won't ever figure it out in this life. Well surprise, that is what this life is for. Until then I am finding that forgetting myself and going to work is a great step in the right direction. Forgetting myself and serving is my ice cold beer, I mean Orange Fanta.

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