Cinnamon Rolls

My very first post ever on this blog involved the making of my mother's cinnamon rolls.

My mom's cinnamon rolls were perfect and looked something like this

But for some reason whenever Katy and I make them they always kind of look like the cub scouts made them. 

Last night I got the recipe of a friend who's cinnamon rolls are also always perfect. Okay this time we have to get this right. Right? Well I decided to half the recipe but then the last ingredient I put in, the warm water, I forgot to half. So we just do the whole recipe right? Well I didn't have anymore yeast. So I have to run to the store for yeast. We get home and fix it and then realize we need 14 cups of flour and we have a grand total of about 2 in our house. So back to the store I run. Mind you we had somewhere we had to be at 7:30 and the last trip to the store was at 7:18.

We get the dough done and it is rising beautifully and we take off, letting the dough rise while we are gone. We come home to perfectly raised dough. We roll it out, cut it up and place in the pan to rise again. And it is doing it! I didn't kill the yeast this time and I am so so happy. Once they go in the oven we realize we don't have the ingredients for the frosting. This time Katy heads off to the grocery store while I monitor the baking. But after double the baking time they are still doughy in the middle. I am heart broken and saying a little prayer, because I know God cares about my cinnamon rolls. But in the end I gave up and went to bed.

I lay in bed wondering why for the life of me I can't make a decent cinnamon roll. I mean I think I am a pretty good cook but cinnamon rolls are always a failure. I concluded that maybe mom doesn't want me to be able to make them without her. I will just have to accept the perfect cinnamon rolls died with her.

This morning I woke up and thought about putting them back in the oven while I got ready and I decided to taste just one little piece before hand. They were perfect! All the doughiness went away in the night! So thanks for coming and finishing my cinnamon rolls after I went to bed last night mom. Just like you did my project on Norway, and my pinata, and my science fair project on biscuits.


  1. I make a mean cinnamon roll, but I always EPIC FAIL when it comes to homemade cornbread. It always turns out gooey in the middle, and gooey cornbread is never good. I even have this amazing recipe that one of my college roommates would always dazzle me with. I've failed enough times that the very thought of trying to make it just one more time makes me feel insecure...

    Is it time to try it one more time?