I am Annie Hall

I am a girl.
I am possessive of my friends.
I forgive and forget so easily that I often let poisonous people back into my life.
I Run away from emotional pain and confront the possibility of physical pain head on.
I do really stupid things.
I speak before I think.
I cause drama.
I hate drama.
I am too critical of others.
I am often disappointed when I don't meet my own unreal expectations.
I see the best in others but too frequently discuss the worst.
I refuse to ask for help.
I say out loud what everyone else is thinking.
I think I am cute but wish I was beautiful.
I am fiercely protective of my friends and family.
I need people.
I need compliments.
I crave validation.
I can't stand the thought of even one person not liking me.
I am jealous when the men in my life spend time with other women, unless I'm dating them, then I don't care.
If I get a paper cut you will hear about it. If my leg falls off I'll ignore it.
I try on 12 different outfits in the morning before I get it right, and the wrong ones go on the floor.
I don't wear makeup everyday.
I fall in love with men who are unavailable, not married ones, unavailable in other ways.
I need quality time to feel loved.
I don't like chocolate.
I have too many purses.

I don't feel as though I am all that different from most girls. We are fooling ourselves if we think any of us are free from drama, hard days, hurt feelings, miscommunication, etc. Some come loaded with a lot more than others but we all have some. The question becomes, are there enough good things about me to outweigh the bad? I know some people who think so. I am so grateful today for those people in my life who over look the bad parts of Annie and see only the good. Because that is a quality I treasure and am striving to develop myself. Please bless it happens quickly.


  1. What is there not to love about Annie Hall!? You are witty, fun, smart and hilarious! You make me smile! I just love ya! Come to Logan someday and see me. PS Bring me a whole cheesecake for myself too, would ya? I miss your cheese cake ALL of the days!!!