The Life Cleanse

 I recently came across the idea of putting my life on a diet. It was actually the title of a book I saw in the warehouse of a publisher a friend of mine works for. The book I hear is extreme, I'm not going to live with no electricity for a year of my own free will and choice. But there are parts of my life that need a diet.

Last weekend I went through my closet and got rid of 2/3 of my clothes. I started by getting rid of all the clothes I keep hoping will fit again someday. Then I got rid of all the clothes that I keep thinking if I put through the wash enough times the stain will go away. Then I got rid of anything that really isn't in style anymore no matter how badly I want it to be. Then I tossed anything that I haven't worn in a year. Then I went through my collection of purses, shoes, etc. This weekend I will be going through books, random boxes from college, etc. I am loading it up in a friends truck, because a truck will be needed and it's off to the DI.

Know what? In the week the I have been minus all of these things. I have actually been happier. I thought I might miss some of my shoes, purses, clothes etc. But I haven't thought about them once.

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  1. We are selling our house, and thus getting rid of a bunch of JUNK! I feel soooo much better and "lighter". I don't miss any of it either, and it makes me think twice when I am at the store buying ANYTHING! (I ask myself "is this a long term item or short term item in my home/wardrobe?") P.S- Packing and junking 6 years worth of crap S-U-C-K-S!!! I keep telling myself when I move into my new house it will be differant... and it WILL be!!!