Here Comes The Sun!

I was recently reviewed in a blog:

"She is a social individual, more whimsical in her personality, impersonal to me and un-predictable."

At first I was very hurt and very sad. Because they had posted it where all my friends and family could see their opinion of me. I was sad because it was used as an introduction to me, and I had hoped that if someone was describing who I am that they would do a better job. I was VERY VERY sad.

But the more I thought about it and even cried a little, the more I was sad for THEM. Because if this is how they see me then they simply don't know me. Because I really am pretty fantastic. I am generous to a fault. I can make anyone laugh. I am determined and dedicated. I am fiercely loyal and I am wise beyond my years. I am caring and nurturing. I am fearless. I am insanely creative, and resourceful. And these aren't just my opinions these are things friends and leaders have recently told me that they admire about me.Whether at work, church, home, or with friends, I brighten others lives.

So it is okay if this is the best description one person came up with. People who know me would say otherwise. I have realized that anyone who reads this "review" won't think negatively about me. In fact I have received numerous notes and messages as a result of the review ensuring me that I am loved, and respected for who I am.  

Thanks to my friends out there who are over looking the bad and noting the good. Like I said in my previous post that was ironically posted before this incident. I know I am weak, Thanks for seeing past it. I learned a trick in institute that I have treasured. Ask the Lord to introduce you to someone. He will show you who they really are. In the mean time here are a few other reviews you might enjoy:

"She is the only person I know who took the time to get to know the real me, inside and out. She was the first person I felt knew me completely and loved EVERY part of me. With her I am safe."

"She taught me how to love. Even to this day I can't think about or talk to her without a huge grin on my face. She knows me better then a lot of people and it's because she took the time to invest in me."

"Reese if there is any validation to your concerns that someone doesn't like you. It is simply because they do not know you."

I wish you knew me. 

P.S. An Idea just came to me. These quotes mean the world to me and the negative one at the top had my world caving in around me. So.... I am going to write a quick little paragraph about everyone who has changed my life. I may even put them in a post. But be expecting one in your inbox soon. Because it is the people who love me who make me who I am, and I treasure your words of kindness.


  1. Wow. I had to re-read the first part of this post to realize that the person was talking about YOU. Seriously? Impersonal? YOU? That's just crazy talk! How strange that somebody would write such a thing...

    I think you're terrific, and one of these days we really need to meet for dinner when I'm down there in Zion. Just so you know...

  2. :) LOVED your post.
    And thanks for commenting on mine. What you said meant a lot to me.

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