Ode to Jetta (sorry it's late)

I have a friend who goes by Jetta.
Whom against the couch company, has a vendetta.
If they knew what's best they'd stay in bed.
For tomorrow they'll report to one angry red head.

The lessons she teaches are top notch,
I find I never check my watch.
after others' we go home and chat
and wonder what the heck was that?

One day the game of soccer she tried,
but found her balanced misapplied.
She crazy busted up her knee,
now it's all fixed through surgery.

My Miss Jetta loves to run,
boat all weekend, and get too much sun.
in her left ear she hears no sound.
ask her how to lose a pound!

I had a few more verse I will confess,
but don't want my lines to cause distress.
I want our Jules to feel of worth.
on this the anniversary of her birth!

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