Wanted: Friendly Customer Service

In the past month money has been very tight for me as I had a few unexpected expenses and lost my job.

*Post to follow about the blessing that is my new job. I think HF likes me.

I feel as though I have been very responsible and frugal during this time.

I have had to call a few companies and tell them payments may be a day or two late while I moved money around. T-Mobile was AMAZING! They told me I had a 7 year history with them and no late payments and I called before hand and it would be no problem at all. Not to worry. They even said they would put a hold on it and I could pay both payments the next month, if needed, with no penalty. I was in tears of gratitude when I got off the phone.

Capital One was also amazing. I called and asked the same thing. Just a few extra days while money cleared my checking account. No problem at all. They waved all associated fees and wished me luck.

I have had similar experience with Toyota, and my utilities. In the end my Capital One payment was the only one that I made even a day late.


Wells Fargo was a BEAST. I have had three accounts with them for almost 10 years, they told me there was ZERO room for leniency and listed off all the fees I would incur if my balance dropped even a penny below the allotted amount for my account (P.S. There are A LOT).  They told me it was my responsibility to be aware of ALL policies and fees and to plan for such. True Wells Freaking Fargo, True, I should read all of the fine print. I should plan better. I should have my savings account more accessible for emergencies. This is all true. But you are just plain mean. And where do you get the right to call me names? That's right the supervisor I talked to on the phone actually called me names. That's professional right? And for the record I was sweet the entire time, and I didn't cry.

So who has a bank or Credit Union they love? The one thing I like about Wells Fargo is that they are literally EVERYWHERE and I have my bank boyfriend at the Layton branch. I just want someone with customer friendly policies and associates. Does that even exist? Every other company I dealt with was more than simply reasonable, they were also kind and flexible.


  1. I.HATE.WELLS.FARGO!!!! Don't even get me started on them. I had a run in with a branch manager who was a WITCH. I wonder if that's who you had the pleasure of speaking to...ugh!

    We LOVE Westmark. They are awesome! I don't know if they have any branches in Utah though. :(

  2. Wish I knew of one. I also have Wells Fargo, and I had no idea they sucked so bad. Sorry you had to deal with that!!