The Proposal


I have a friend who very recently became engaged. I am super happy for him. She is super cute and sweet, and very faithful. I like her. He was telling me all about the proposal and the whole time I was uncomfortable with how mushy it was. Finally I said something to the effect of

 "Oh my heavens this is too much sap for me. I can't even handle it, you have to stop!"

J: Whatever! You would love it if it was you.

A: Actually I wouldn't, sappiness makes me uncomfortable

J: I don't believe you

A: Seriously.

J: So what are you looking for? A proposal at the Maverick?

A: Actually yeah that would be fine. Who could say no to a proposal and a Mayonado?

Here are some places we thought of that would be acceptable unto me, after long break room deliberations:

*Bear World
*A Husker game
*The Maverick
*The landfill (okay maybe not there)
*road trip
*bed of a pickup

My favorite story is my brother's story. He was just laying next to her one night, outside looking at the stars and it just came out. "Will you marry me?"
no planning, no rose petals, just looking over at her and thinking this is perfect and I can't imagine my life without her... and then out it comes "marry me." Now that is romance.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I have this friend who started dating this boy and he does all these elaborate dates that are incredibly thoughtful and she loves it. Meanwhile, all I can think is, "I just want a hamburger."