Worst Movie Ever

A while ago I angered a lot of people by posting as my Facebook status, a list of the movies that, in my opinion are the worst movies ever made. Included in that list are the following:
The Dark Crystal
The Labyrinth
The Last Unicorn
The Secret of Nim
The Never Ending Story

I was at Lolly's house the other night, teasing her husband about watching Tinkerbell... Because he did, by himself, his choice. Anyway, that is when I added Last Unicorn to the list and while Lolly was threatening to put me on friendship timeout, we discussed how there are just some movie that if you didn't like as a child you never will. Although, Katy made me watch Dark Crystal when we were little and I NEVER loved it.

I truly don't understand the love people have for these movies. I asked Lolly "So you would seriously come home after a long day, snuggle up on the couch, and think to yourself that you'd really love to put The Labyrinth on and give it a watch?" She very strongly assured me that she would, and that is when Joshua got up to put the movie in, and I decided it was time to leave.

So I tried to think of a movie I loved as a child that I'm sure no one else would love if they viewed it now for the first time. I came up with one. I know that those of you who didn't love it as a child probably want to stab your eyes out if made to watch it. But those who love it could probably, like me, quote the entire thing from beginning to end. What movie you ask? Saturday's Warrior!

Oh how I love the bad acting, limited cast, horrible outfits, cheesy choreography, and false doctrine that is one of my favorite movies of all time!

What is your favorite childhood movie? Did you rewind the part of Home Alone II when Marv says "wow what a hole" as many times as we did? Did you have a brother who watched Scamper the Penguin or The Little Engine That Could multiple times a day until you were dreaming about macaroni penguins like I did?

Do you secretly love Saturday's Warrior as much as me? Or perhaps not so secretly?   


  1. Umm don't worry I babysat Jimmy's kids. I grew up singing the songs in Sunday school. Something always led to a song from that movie.

  2. Love Labyrinth. LOATHE Saturday's Warrior.

    But I think we can still be friends, yes?