What are the chances?

Zac: I'm just heading home for the weekend what are you up to?
Annie: In Logan picking Lolly and the babe up to go to the USU game.
Zac: That sounds fun.
Annie: What the heck is going on? It says road closed but I need to go down that exact road. I'll just do it anyway.
Zac: Wait, where are you?
Annie: I'm on 10th turning onto 10th by Gosner's.
Zac: Stop right where you are.
Annie: Why?
Zac: I want to hug you.
Annie: Okay, I'm pulling into this Texaco. Where are you?
Zac: In the black charger behind you.

What are the chances? Seriously! So glad I was able to spend 10 minutes with one of my besties in the parking lot of a texaco. I love that in that ten minutes I received about 12 hugs, and the "duck look" at least 5 times.

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