Dear Snubs,

Maybe it didn't mean that much to you, but thanks for dinner. Thanks for still being able to order for me after all this time. Thanks for making me laugh like no one else can. Thanks for being brutally honest with me even when it might hurt. Thanks for understanding my heart. Thanks for loving me even though I am a Mormon *gasp*. Thanks for agreeing to go to Chick-fil-a with me, as long as I pay. Thanks for being able to offer a sincere apology and admit when you have been a word I don't say. Thanks for being my "fiance."

S: Annie If I die and I find out that you are right, and I still exist, I still plan on marrying you.
A: Well I am right and you will, but I don't plan on being available.
S: If any part of me, in anyway is alive, if I have any consciousness at all, it is yours.
A: It makes me happy that even if only the tiniest shred of what is you still exists, even that tiny little part will still want to be with me.

Thanks for letting me dislike 'the other girl.' Thanks for finding it a little attractive when I get jealous. Thanks for taking it in stride when that kid openly hit on you and I got ticked. Thanks for being sexy. Thanks for being more than my gay friend. Thanks for being one of the best. Thanks for changing me for the better. Thanks for caring about what I am going through. Thanks for letting me hit on your Dad. Thanks for being okay with me blogging about us. You like it!

Thanks for being MY very own Snubs!

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