Feeling Old

Last night Kyle and I went to Smash Burger for dinner. I ordered the smash club and made an Uncle Jesse reference that fell flat with the server.

"Like from Full House."

"Yeah that was WAY before my time."

*once server is out of ear shot*

"Seriously? The Cosby Show was before my time but I still get the references!"

"The Cosby Show WAS your time!"

"No it was on in the 80s. I wasn't watching sitcoms as a toddler!"

"But it ended in the 90s, you were watching TV when you were ten weren't you?"

"Yeah... Full House and  Dr. Quinn. Which both ended in the late 90s."

"Right. Probably before that kid was born."

"Am I that old? I feel like the general public should get Full House references no matter how old they are."

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